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 Private Art Collections

From the 18th century until 1938, two social spheres were responsible for Vienna's art collections and later its museums: on the one hand, there were the collections of the imperial dynasty, and subsequently of the state museums, on the other hand the collections of counts and princes.
The Liechtenstein Collection, impressive in both size and quality, doubtlessly held the leading position among the collections of the aristocracy, some of which were open to the public at a very early date. There were many others besides, such as the Family Collection of the Counts of Harrach, the Esterházy Collection, the Schönborn-Buchheim Collection, the Czernin Collection, the Lamberg Collection, the Metternich and the Kaunitz Collections, and last but not least the Collection of the Prince-Archbishops in Salzburg.
These collections suffered diverse fates and went diverse ways, some being totally dispersed, some being incorporated into other collections.
The return of the Liechtenstein Collection on 28 March 2004, will renew interest in this practically forgotten facet of Vienna's rich cultural life and has already prompted consideration of the state of other, still extant private collections belonging to the aristocracy and of means of involving them in this return.
PRIVATE ART COLLECTIONS stands for a loose grouping of and exchanges between these collections. There are projects for the mounting of joint exhibitions, the complementing of collections from the stocks of partners' collections, the appearance together on the international art exhibition market, and the realisation of other events, such as concerts. 

Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein
, Vaduz / Liechtensteinmuseum, Vaduz. Die Fürstlichen Sammlungen, Wien
see Graf Harrach'sche Familiensammlung, Rohrau / Niederösterreich
Sammlung Schönborn-Buchheim, Schloss Schönborn, Göllersdorf
Esterházy - Privatstiftung, Schloss Esterházy Eisenstadt, Burg Forchtenstein
Residenzgalerie Salzburg, Salzburg
Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Sammlung Oskar Reinhart „Am Römerholz",
Winterthur, Schweiz
Rockoxhuis Antwerpen
, Belgien
Museo Poldi Pezzoli
, Mailand, Italien
Collezione die Principi Borromeo
, Isola Bella, Italien

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