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Sensuous Delights

20. 11. 2015 - 03. 07. 2016

Dance, music, gaming, hunting and sumptuous banquets

Concept & Curator: Astrid Ducke, Thomas Habersatter, Erika Oehring

Sensuous pleasures lend colour, enjoyment and glamour to everyday life. Some fifty selected works from the Salzburg Residenzgalerie collection portray amusing diversions and convivial gatherings. Music, dance and gaming were popular entertainments, and reserved for the nobility also hunting. Besides the favourite theme of hunting with hounds, there are some choice examples of still lifes with hunting trophies. The presentation is rounded off with highlights from still-life painting, showing richly-decked tables and splendid flower arrangements.


F. v. Amerling, H. v. Balen, A. Bloemaert, G. Dou, F. Francken III., C. d. Heem, J. D. d. Heem, G. v. Honthorst, F. C. Janneck, C. Lelienbergh, H. Makart, A. v. Ostade, J. B. Pater, J. G. Platzer, T. Rombouts, A. Romako, D. Teniers II. d. J., W. v. Mieris, J. B. Monnoyer, L. v. Valckenborch, J. Weenix d. J., F. Wouters, P. Wouwerman

Abb.: FRANCKEN Frans III., Genre Scene, RGS Inv. No. 28, Copyright: Fotostudio Ghezzi, Oberalm

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