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The Paramour's Dresses An exhibition by the Salzburg Residenzgalerie in the North Oratory of the DomQuartier va dating in cooperation with the Salzburg Festival source link and as part of the exhibition: Seduction. Alluring beauty – fatal charm in the Residenzgalerie 10. 7. – 1. 11. 2015)   Press conference 16. 4. 2015 at 10.30 a.m. get link Opening: 16. 4. 2015 at 7 p.m., in the Rittersaal of the Residenz go site   go here Since the world première in 1911 of the play Jedermann [Everyman] by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874–1929), the role of the Paramour, Everyman's mistress, has always been performed by distinguished actresses. A performance directed by Max Reinhardt (1873–1943) marked the founding of the Salzburg Festival in 1920, and the annual production on the Cathedral Square of the "Tragedy of the Life and Death of the Rich Man", under a succession of famous directors, has been an essential part of the Festival ever since. jackie newman The Paramour embodies vibrant life; she is seduction personified, the vivacious counterpart to the doomed man on the stage. alexanderwolfee snapchat Year after year, no Festival costume has been the subject of more public attention, excited guesswork and curiosity, than the Paramour's dress. These show-pieces, always created in the Festival workshops, constitute part of the Festival's history.
The exhibition in the magnificent rooms of the newly-adapted North Oratory of Salzburg Cathedral shows a choice selection of the Paramour's dresses and accessories from various Festival productions. It is accompanied by sketches, notes and photographs from the Festival archives, and rounded off by a film showing excerpts of relevant scenes from the productions.

Curators: Dorothea Nicolai & Erika Oehring


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