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2011 - Centre of power

2011 - Centre of power

 Publication in two volumes of the exhibition Centre of power - the Salzburg Residenz 1668 - 1803:  18.11.2011 - 05.02.2012

This two-volume publication is intended as a "virtual" documentation examining the outstanding significance of the Salzburg court in the field of art in a European context.

Volume 1: The Salzburg Residenz 1668 1803

Until 1803, the Salzburg Residenz was the control centre of power in an independent state ruled by princes of the church. The building construction and the magnificent baroque furnishings which still distinguish Salzburg's principal secular edifice served to display the grandeur and prestige of the Salzburg prince-archbishops. The book describes the development and dcor of the building between 1668 and 1803, and reconstructs the inventory of paintings during that period.
Essays by: Stephan Bstieler, Walter Schlegel, Imma Walderdorff

Volume 2:  The art collections of the Salzburg Archbishopric paintings / prints / decorative arts

Robbed of most of its art treasures at the beginning of the 19th century, the former archiepiscopal residence is today merely a pale reflection of the pre-1803 "total art work".
Research on the "networking" of the Salzburg archbishops reveals clearly the significance of the widely-branching social interconnections amongst Europe's noble classes as demonstrated, inter alia, by their art collections.
The reconstruction of the former art collections of the Salzburg Archbishopric paintings / prints / decorative arts shows the wide range of artistic interests in a princely court. The selection of artists reflects the personal tastes of individual archbishops as well as trends in art from the Late Gothic period right up to 1803.
Essays by: Christoph Brandhuber, Peter Husty, Roswitha Juffinger, Martin Krummholz, Johannes Ramharter, P. Oliver Ruggenthaler OFM

Editor:  Roswitha Juffinger
go site Owner and publisher:  Residenzgalerie Salzburg
Year of publication:  2011
Language:  German
follow site Number of pages:  698
go site Illustrations in color:  551
Illustrations in black and white:  82
Book size:  28,5 x 22 cm

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